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Lucas has been born!

Lucas' ultrasound pics



Contest is a linux kernel system responsiveness benchmark.


Idlerun is my program which stops tasks when a machine is not idle for linux 2.2 and 2.4 systems. It is licensed under the GNU public license and comes with source code and a compiled stripped binary. (Use a kernel with a batch scheduler like 2.4.19-ck7 instead now).

Kernel patches

Kernel patches contains my custom kernel patches which combine some real cool performance patches

Anaesthesia Information Page

My formal project is a page of information about anaesthesia for the general public. This is release candidate one;-) It needs testing and some illustrations. It can always be found at:

Instant Messaging

jabber: con at kolivas dot org (preferred)

ICQ: 66495128

yahoo messenger: ckolivas

AOL instant messenger: savilok

Until further notice email me at: conman at kolivas dot org

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